Trading vs Life

Trading vs Life

Today showed me what full time trading is all about more than most this year.

I moved my entire trading day from Asia to Europe so I could spend the day out with the kids who are on school holidays.

We went to a nice country town, browsed the shops, came home and wrestled the kids on the floor (they won), made them lunch, put the 1 year old to sleep and waited for London.

London came online just before the family decided it was time for festive cheer. Let’s go see the Christmas lights. Brilliant. The choice, wait for a setup on the EURUSD, or spend precious time with starry eyed kids ooing and aahing over sparkly lights. I chose the latter.

Here is how it played out in pictures:

If you are single, unattached and without kidlets, you may have thought I made the wrong choice, but I tell you, the sparkle in a child’s eye at Christmas, and those of the 100 others walking with you, well, there is no chart that looks better than that to me.

I have written about how the “trading lifestyle” should be about freedom and flexibility, and I will remember my son’s reaction more than the markets tonight.

I definitely made the right choice, but that still was a nice trade missed ;)

Happy trading.

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