Trading podcast: My trader interview with Hugh from

Trading podcast: My trader interview with Hugh from

I speak! And I have a trading podcast to prove it. Despite how this blog might give the impression I am a well-trained monkey pressing keys on a keyboard, I actually am a real person, making real trades, with a real voice.

I was asked by Hugh from Trading Heroes to be a guest on his monthly trading podcast.

Each month Hugh interviews a full-time trader, probing into the how, when and why of their trading, giving you an insight into what makes a trader, and a trading system work in such a competitive environment.

Be sure to catch up with Hugh’s other interviews with traders like Chris Lori (@chrislorifx) and a friend of this blog Jessica Peletier (@RogueTraderette). The insight you can gain from hearing other traders recount their experiences is something many pay good dollar for.

In this podcast, I go through my thoughts on trading, my optimism for the trading lifestyle, books I have found most useful, how many trades I take a day and much more.

I would love to hear your questions and feedback on Twitter, [Facebook](" "target=_blank) or in the comments below.

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