A quick look into my trading desk

A quick look into my trading desk

Are you interested in what my trading desk looks like? No I didn’t think so. My office is actually a garage, it is the only place I can get some semblance of quiet in a house with two boys under 7. If I ever mention my computers is running slow and has bugs, I really mean it. I trade with the odd wasp, cockroaches and there was a mouse last week. I have named him Norman.

So here it is, annotated, and with a pointless Instagram filter.

Trading desk of Adam Jowett

Why not take a picture (corny filter is optional) of your trading desk and tweet me, and you can be added to the post.

Here are some already in:

Here is @TraderCobb’s trading desk circa 2002:

.. and later in 2014:

.. and TraderCobb has upgraded once more:

Not to be outdone, here are some others sent in from traders around the globe:

Why not add yours to the list?! Send me yours on twitter.

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