Trading and visualisation

Trading and visualisation

I was mid-way through what I thought was going to be a fantastic post on the importance of visualisation when it comes to trading.

It had pretty pictures, charts, witty humour and a whole bunch of brain farts that were sure to blow your mind. It was awesome, you would have sold your first born to read it.

Then I came across a series of posts at the blog of SMB trading that did all I had done, taken that, flushed it, and waved to it on it’s way down.

It is a series called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Visualization, written by Bruce Bower, who I admit, I have no idea about draws on years of experience, and certainly knows his stuff.

I have mentioned visualisation before in my “6 easy ways to improve your trading now” post, and I can’t emphasise enough it’s importance. Here is a brief idea on what Bruce covers from the man himself:

“When discussing elite performance, visualisation is a key tool for boosting performance and increasing success. It’s widely utilized not just by traders but also by athletes and entertainers. Scientific studies have documented its usefulness in improving performance. We can all agree that it’s a fabulous tool and that it’s worth making use of.

What’s discussed less often is how visualization actually works in practice. When we are making our wonderful images of trading success, how should we do it? What works and what doesn’t with visualization—and why? And how can we improve on standard visualization techniques to take our trading to the very highest level?”

I will leave the rest to Bruce. If you want to improve your trading for free, you can go no further than taking on board some of these ideas:


EDIT Bruce was kind enough to get me on Twitter today to introduce himself, I now know he not only appears to know his stuff, but really does.
Check his blog or follow him on twitter at @HowofTrading.

Happy trading.

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