Choice - the greatest benefit of trading full-time

Choice - the greatest benefit of trading full-time

If you are trading full-time, you are both awesome, and incredibly lucky.

Trading as a profession is unique in the world of business. Low overheads, no staff, no boss and best of all, no customers. You never have to ask for a raise, to leave work early, or to go to the toilet (yes I had a job like that once).

Best of all, you are free to choose. The most liberating part of trading.

I haven’t even touched on the earning potential. That part is not important. As a full-time trader you have one thing most in the working class don’t. Choice.

Had a big night on the town? A bad hair day? An all night Friends marathon? Don’t feel like facing the world? Choose not to. No one will know. No one cares. Awesome.

For you that are not full-time traders just yet, think about your current profession.

Naked volleyball

Pretend I just called you to tell you I am on my way with a boat. Richard Branson and his entourage of super-models is in the back seat and we are off to Necker Island.

I ask you to drop everything for a month of day spa’s, cocktails and naked volleyball. What are your choices?

If it was me, the choice is simple. Quit and hope Branson needs a volleyball co-ordinator.

But as a trader, you can pick up your laptop, your g-string and your dongle (could have chosen a better word) and know your job moves with you. Naked volleyball or not.[1]

Traders have choice

As a full-time trader, and someone who has never met Richard Branson, played naked volleyball, or put on a g-string (the right way round anyway), my choices are different. But I have choices, and choice equals freedom.

Choice equals control.

We are in control of ourselves. The most important commodity we have. Sure the market is a bucking[^2] beast, but it is you who can choose when to ride, and when to jump off.

You can choose how to react to losing trades, how to distribute winning trades and how to prepare.

I see too many traders looking for a reason to complain. In fact we, as a society seem to want to find someone to blame. The markets are too volatile. Trading is stressful. My family won’t leave me alone. I don’t get enough sleep. My broker is running my stops. The markets are too quiet. Add you own from here.

Trading is a profession where you can choose your hours. You can choose to work or not. You can choose your office location, your days off, your holidays and your work attire.

Choice. Surely the greatest benefit of being a full time trader.

What’s there to complain about?

Happy life. Happy trading.

  1. Yes you can replace the “b” with a “f” if you desire ↩︎

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