Australian Soylent for under $5 a day

If you are in and about the start up scene, there is a decent chance you have heard of Soylent, a food replacement drink invented by Software engineer Rob Rhinehart and now fully funded via a $500,000 Tilt crowd funding campaign and $20M of venture capital investment. What is Soylent? Despite it’s name,… Read More

My market analysis process

Most of you know me as a currency trader and supermodel. What you might not know is before I place a trade I spent hours trawling the markets for insights into what might effect my trades. I keep this analysis to myself as it gives me such a huge edge. But as 2014 is the… Read More

The effects of the GFC in Australia

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has been one of the most covered topics in the financial news. The effects have been far-reaching, yet the politicians love to tell you how well we have done to get through it. Here is a comprehensive look into what the GFC is all about as I see it. The… Read More

Triathlons. The truth for beginners.

It was the year 2004. Three years before cancer. One year before kidlets. 3 years after marriage. 10kg overweight. Recognizing I was far from, well anything, I decided to take on the fantasy of a triathlon. I wrote an article with the following: … I am ready, I am willing, but am I able? I guess… Read More