MyRoomeaze, the "tinder of real estate"

MyRoomeaze, the "tinder of real estate"

MyRoomeaze, our recent start-up that let’s you focus on finding the perfect roommate instead of just the perfect room has just started to garner some local press here in Australia.

The latest to hit news stands was this (slightly embarrassing) piece from the Southern Star in Queensland, Australia where MyRoomeaze was labelled the “tinder of real estate”. A tip, be very careful what you say to a journalist, even in jest.

Still as they say, there is no such thing as bad press, so let’s role with it for now. At the top of this post is the article (click to enlarge) that proves that:

  1. I actually do have a body in this day and age of the square profile pic
  2. I really need to wash my feet (if ever there was a time for Photoshop in the press, this was it)

EDIT: [We won! Check it](" "target=_blank), and thanks to all those who voted.

If you think the idea is a good one, please vote for us at:

A single “Like” on that page will accelerate how quickly this all gets done, and provide years of bragging rights to children sick of hearing the story how Dad was “the peoples choice” (I was going to go with “the people champion“, but I think that is taken and I don’t have a wrestling ring handy).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the idea, and remember you can sign up to get early access here.

Click here to vote for Roomeaze

Voting closes in 2 weeks, before we pitch the panel of entrepreneurs for our shot at 20K, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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