Trading has no meaning (and why I don't care)

Trading has no meaning. Ask yourself, who benefits from you as a private trader? Why do you trade? Don’t spin me the tale of being the liquidity of the markets. No we’re not. Whey’re not allowing Maria, the 90 year old Mexican lady to exchange her Peso’s for Euro so she… Read More

Trade execution and finger freeze

As a trader you go to the effort of back testing a system. You work out an entry and exit strategy, fine tune your stop loss levels and are ready to go. Now for trade execution. You watch the markets, the news, the stars and numerology until you find the exact point you want to… Read More

Stop losses and sore nipples

Stop losses. One of the most hotly debated areas of trading. Should you have them? Where to place them? Why are they needed? I trade with stop losses, they are large, and for emergencies but they are there. I just don’t trust myself to bail myself out in a disaster even after 13 years… Read More

Trading naked (go on, expose yourself)

Chances are you have gone through many cycles of trading systems, time frames and strategies. You watch Forex Factory, Stocktwits and Tradingview, but still things aren’t clicking or have come off the rails. You may have tried different indicators, stop loss strategies, entry signals and alert services. You are still trying expert advisers from… Read More

Trading news and the major new releases

News, most people watch it, many want to be in it, but how many trade it? I wrote this a day after some poor housing data in the US saw the USD get kicked, belly flopped and Chinese burnt (the most painful) and those trading news are still recovering (or rolling around naked in money)… Read More

Exit strategies and (lack of) emotional control

When traders start looking for that magic “bucket load of cash” trading system, often the last thing thought about are exit strategies. Yet it is the exit that make a trader money. The first thing thought of in a trading system is entries. Yet we forget that you make bugger all money if you can’… Read More

The 123 method

In a recent interview with Traders Magazine, I was asked what my favorite trading method was. My answer was simple, the A-B-C, or 1-2-3 method I first learnt in Thomas Bulkowski’s book Trading Classic Chart Patterns. I have had questions since then on whether this is a method I have always traded or just… Read More

Are you thinking straight when trading?

It amazes me how much we can learn in a single day. We are bombarded with information, yet our brains can in an instant turn it into something we understand. A true trading super-computer at our disposal 24 hours a day, so why is trading so hard? We use both sides of our brain, with… Read More