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Live in Australia and want to trade with Oanda? Get $250 for free!

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In 16 years of trading I've never plugged a promotion, like ever. But this one means we both get free money! It is with a company I have traded with for 13+ years, and it is a win/win type of promotion for all involved. Interested?

If you are in Australia and thinking of opening an account with Oanda of $500 or more, message me (or this page, or Twitter, or smoke signal) as they are running a promotion for a limited time that gives us both $250 for free!

If you are not in Australia, stop reading, perhaps browser the categories above, like the Facebook page so we can be best trading friends forever and get back to making money. If you are in Australia, then read on.

Usually I delete these types of things faster than I read them, but Oanda have proven themselves to be one of the top retail brokers and they have offices here in Aus. Oh and I have personally seen them honor their promotions as stated over and over again.

Now if you wouldn't be opening an Oanda Australia account otherwise, don't take this as a reason to do so, please do your own due diligence, but if you are, then hey, $250 for you, $250 for me, we all get to do a happy dance (and you get a lifetime membership and free kittens)*.

But what will I do with that $250?

Well I'll roll around naked in it for a while. After that, every bit of it is going to go into a dedicated live trading account that I was planning to trade with complete exposure/disclosure (whatever) of how I trade, when, what and where I trade based on what I have learned in 16 years of Forex trading.

I'll even throw in a lifetime membership for anything I produce that might cost money for the next, lets say, 125 years (after that you are on your own.

Hint: there is a bucket load coming in 2017, though granted most of it will be free.

If you are impatient, click here to get started, just be sure to add my first and last name in the fields provided (Adam Jowett).

Now back to normal broadcasting and recording episode 1 of the podcast ....... oops ... wasn't supposed to say that.

*kittens may or may not be available at the time, in which case perhaps a Kit Kat instead?