Not So Squeezy trading manual

Not So Squeezy trading manual

In 2006 I put together a system I had been trading profitably into a nice colorful trading manual. This system still get’s a run on occasion today, and is still as profitable as it was then, so a quick spit and polish and it is now again available for free download.

Before my naked trading days, a year before cancer beat me over the head with the ugly stick, I whipped up a manual of one of the systems I was trading called the “Not So Squeezy” trading method, named after the below Australian TV commercial:

Most of the links for the download of that system are now dead (2006 is like 100 internet years ago after all) so I have re-posted it along with the original indicators and templates for you to digest and use at your own risk.

Warning to those with epilepsy, the manual contains an amazing amount of colors that could bring on vomiting and diarrhea, nothing to do with epilepsy, it’s just that bright, and you seem a nice bunch of folk to deserve forewarning.

To demonstrate:

Not So Squeezy example

Told you.

After 100 internet years, it would be great to hear how you use this system in your trading, any improvements you might make or bits and pieces you might have taken out of it.

A full explanation of the system is in the manual itself, so grab your free copy and ask any questions you have in the comments below.

Download the Not So Squeezy trading manual and indicators

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