My trading santa list - Merry Christmas

My trading santa list - Merry Christmas

It’s official, Merry Christmas! A great benefit of living in the time zone is we get to test out special days before most others.

It has clicked over to Christmas day here in Australia (well 6.5 hours ago it did), and a day full of four types of meat, seafood, 3 types of slice, trifle, belly aches, 30C temperatures, a pool and backyard cricket awaits.

If you have never spent a Christmas down here in Australia, it is something you should do at least once.

I hope you all enjoys the spirit of the season, and receive everything you want from the big fat man in the red suit. Here is my trading wish list for Mr Claus, what would be yours?

  • Consistency – 2011 has been a profitable year, but it has been a little bumpy. An equity more in line with a babies bum than the Alps would be nice.
  • Volatility – a day traders best friend, especially a day trader living in the Asian time zone.
  • A monitor – 22” preferably, I run two already but a third would be just grand to keep my trading efficient.
  • More Asia/Pacific traders – Trading is a lonely game at times, am I the only Asian session day trader on twitter? A few more to chat with would be nice.
  • Biceps – Actually you could add pecs, and abs to that as well. What does that have to do with trading? If I have them, that means I have found my balance between screen time and exercise time in my trading day.
  • Euro zone stability – Please, I am so bored of reading euro zone crisis news. Sort the damn thing out so we can follow some decent trends in 2012.
  • World peace – Just felt obliged to have that in there somewhere.

I’ll leave the rest for New Year’s resolutions. As a side note, will you be trading between Christmas and New Years this year?

Merry Christmas to all, whether you celebrate it or not.

Happy trading (and present opening).

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