We're moving to Cebu, Philippines

We're moving to Cebu, Philippines

It’s official. We are moving to the Philippines. After 37 years of comfortable, stable, Sydney suburban living, my wife, 2 kids and I are moving to Cebu, Philippines. In September 2013, we attempt to downsize our obligations to upgrade our lifestyle.

In Sydney we have a comfortable 4 bedroom, grassy backyard, 2 kids lifestyle. Our house is fully tiled with magical dust attracting tiles. We have lawns that grow like they are searching for life on other planets, and a litany of other first world problems.

In Cebu we will be downsizing our house, employing full time help, catch $2 cab rides around town (or hire a driver), learn a new language, a new culture and what it means to be alive rather than just live. All the while on one income instead of two, maintaining our financial path and opening our kids horizons.
![Cebu, Philippines photo](http://adamjowett.com/content/images/uploads/2013/06/338307012_c6d3110c8c-300x202.jpg)Somehow I don’t think these have wireless
It is of course long overdue. With my medical history, this realisation should have come long ago, but [not all lessons are remembered when taught](http://adamjowett.com/why-i-wish-i-was-a-woman/ "Why I wish I was a woman").

On a business and trading level, the move makes sense. I move from GMT+10 to GMT+8, dropping me right in the middle of Tokyo and the European sessions. It means I can balance my start-up adventure with my trading and regain some consistency again.

Start-up wise, I volunteered to go to Cebu to invigorate our team of local developers who are helping to “extend our runway” (cliche alert!). Philippine developers are well trained, ridiculously polite and hard working when managed remotely. There must be an other side. I can’t wait to see it in person.

![Cebu City, Philippines photo](http://adamjowett.com/content/images/uploads/2013/06/1982633-300x217.jpg)Say hello to our new home
It also lets me bath in the inspiration of the [South East Asian entrepreneurs](http://www.tropicalmba.com/ "Dan Andrews is just one of the many"), which, if you look around, are everywhere in the digital space. Digital nomads abound across the area, and I have already made some great connections.

Best news for you, the reader, is it will provide a whole new depth of topics on start-ups, trading, travel and lifestyle hacks. So much of what was theory will now be real life experience.

So after 10 years of blogging, I give you this as my credentials:

  • Trading – 12 years Forex trading, 5 years full-time, 1 year full-time day trading, now shifted to longer time frames as I explore other opportunities. Loves the romance of fundamentals but can’t understand them, uses price, time and gut feel. Also employs the “don’t get divorced over this” money management system.
  • Start-ups – Now into my 3rd. This one I have self titled as the Head of Development and all things Awesome at Formitize. I have volunteered to move to Cebu to open the Center of Excellence, Brilliance and Uber-awesomeness (CEBU) .. at least that is the sign I will have on the door.
  • Life-Hacks – Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 30 despite being a fit, non-drinking, non-smoking happy family man. Six months of full-time, alien invasion strength, chemo gives you a different perspective on what is normal.

The rest is uncharted waters, and that is what makes it exciting. I look forward to seeing, meeting, hearing from all of you.

Right. Beam me up Scotty … Philippines awaits.