About Adam Jowett

About Adam Jowett

Hi! Here you will find out about Adam Jowett, which is me, so that already makes this sentence wierd.

I've been a trader since the 2000, full-time for around 3 years of that time.

I'm an entrepreneur with startups for just as long, a podcaster over three different stop/start podcasts, a dad and a husband.

The Path is Not a Straight One

I've quite my job to be a full-time trader and entrepreneur three times now.

  • Once in 2008 after getting aggressive cancer at age 30 as a fit, never smoked, done drugs or drunk alcohol new dad
  • Again in 2012 when heading to the Philippines to run my development team for a new startup before an earthquake ended that run
  • Finally in 2017, when finally I found my niche in the online business world and it was time to scale before my years worked exceed the hairs on my head

Today I trade full-time, run e-commerce stores that do 6 figures in revenue (the exact amount of stores changes often), write, podcast, and try to be the best dad I can be to two young boys.

Everything you read here is original content, I don’t recycle or re-post, I just try to provide information that I hope will help you on your journey. Whatever that may be. Wherever it is taking you.

My Beliefs

I believe persistance is the forerunner to luck, and as much as we would all like to be retired living off our passive income on a beach in Bali, that is not the reality for 99% of us.

As a 40+ male with a wife, two kids and living in Brisbane, Australia online business to me looks very different to a 20 year old living off $10 a day in Thailand.

I have shared my beliefs and personal experience here over the years. Things like how I wish I was a woman, my views on cancer, my trading beliefs and even came out with 10 of my deep dark trading secrets.

I've shared thoughts on business, entrepreurship and trading such as do entrepreneurs have an attitude problem?, does trading have no meaning (and why I don’t care), whether day trading is a job, or a profession (and why that matters) and the reality of trading vs real life.

Interviews and Media

Over time I have had interview requests from all kinds of people. I've said yes to some, and no to most.

Of the interviews I've done, one was with long-time trading friend Hugh Kimura living in the second best place on earth, Hawaii, for his site tradingheroes.com:

In 2017 I had a chat with Étienne Crête from the DesireToTrade podcast on how I trade, what I have learned over the many years of being in the markets and trading psychology.

I've had content published in Traders’ Magazine, including the twice in the German edition, most recently in 2018.

In truth, this was mainly so I could say I am an international superstar to my parents (they didn't believe me):

Yes I know I spelt “The” wrong, but it is Twitter, so I am not sure they apply sure spelling rules don't apply.


It is surprising how aligned independent trading and entrepreneurship is.

By trade, I was a front-end developer/programmer after flunking programming in University.

I have been a CTO to two App-based start-ups (both still going strong).

I ran my own development business for 5 years.

But let's be clear, I've failed many (many) times, returning to full-time work and back again.

I worked with friends to win the Hahn Startup Competition here in Australia.

I moved to the Philippines to run a remote development team before an earthquake knocked down our office 24 minutes into our first day.

I swallowed my pride and moved to Brisbane to work as a lead developer and do 80 hour weeks working a side hustle so I can start the entrepreneurial loop all over again.

Now since 2017, for the third time, I return to full-time trading, online business, e-commerce and writing.

The is real world entrepreneurship. Despite what you read.

I don't write on business or entrepreneurship nearly as much as I should but that is quickly changing. Here is some of what is here already:


Recently I have started writing on Health Hacks.

This is spawned from my experience with aggressive cancer at age 30 (in 2007), and the crazy paths this takes you down if you are lucky enough to recover.

I've had exploits with intermitted fasting, week-long water-only fasts, and even going full food free with a DIY Soylent variety that replaces food yet provides 100% of all micro and macro nutrients (and amino acids in my DIY variety).

All for $4.71 a day. It sucked. Don't do it.

Trading Mentoring

Like most who have been around the internet and online income generation of any kind, I get requests for coaching and mentoring.

I don’t think this reflects as much on myself as much as how hard it is to find a mentor in general.

I have a couple of views on mentoring:

I have trained and mentored traders in the past.

I will do so again, so keep an eye out on the site for when that happens or jump on the email list to know when it happens.

Naturally everyone likes results, so here are some I dug up from 2005.

Some from when when I traded longer term charts part time in 2008.

Even more when I day-traded the Asian session full time in 2013.


I am a sports nut, you won't find much of that discussion here, but if American Football is your thing check out https://aussiefaithful.com as well as the podcast below.


I hope this helps you to get started. If you want to contact me, get me on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

I wish you luck on your individual journey, and I hope you find something here that helps you along the way.