7 signs you are meant to be a trader - Interactive post

7 signs you are meant to be a trader - Interactive post

This is first of a series of posts I will be doing that I have labelled ingeniously as an “Interactive post”. It is a post created by you. Randomly I will post a question on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (@IamAdamJowett) and ask you, the reader, all two of you, for your opinion on a trading question.

So let’s get to it, this weeks question:

The Question:

Your answers:

Oh tell me about it! I see trend lines in everything, it is a terrible affliction and one that deserves it’s own therapy group. I even saw retracement levels in some recent blood test results, I clearly have some deep seated problems. (I can hear your snickers from here).

I should really stop the article here, because clearly @tradergav has found the holy grail. You want to be the best trader you can be, do what I did, get a haircut, work out and get a boob job.

@RogueTraderette makes a fantastic point. There will be a time where you can’t imagine anything but being a trader. I get that feeling every day I trade like a drunken sailor.

The thought of going back to the 8-6 corporate jungle brings on sweats, nausea and mood swings. It’s either that, or I am pregnant. Either way the potential for money would be unlimited.

@Akuma99 I suck at hard labour and complain to much :)

— ♑ ΡΞΤΞ Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ (@zigzagfx) March 29, 2012

Yep @zigzagfx, me too. My delicate little computer man-hands wouldn’t deal too well with a week of hard labour. Although at times, it feels like trading is hard labour when I don’t bow to the markets awesomeness.

You have to admit, making money with the push of a button, in minutes, while sitting in the nude is damn addictive! Trading and gambling are often compared. In this case, I can see the similarity.

It has been proven gambling is addictive, I’m sure those same studies would apply to trading.

Good point @Pipstealer_. There are traders, and then there are consistently profitable traders. Are you less of a trader if you don’t make money? I don’t think so. I suck at surfing, does that mean I am not a surfer? I would say I am a surfer, just a really crap one, but a surfer all the same.

This has been fun, we should do it again. Do you have other ideas to contribute, add them to the comments below and I will update this post, or if there are many do a part 2 on this idea.

Happy trading.

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