Would you rather know when, or where a trade will occur?

In technical analysis traders bow down to price. “Price tells us all”, “The trend is our friend” you know the cliche catch cries in the modern trading era. Price might tell all, but is price our friend? Or is it our over-bearing boss in what is supposed to be a client free, boss free profession?… Read More

Hidden traders: Trade where other traders were wrong

“If I could reverse all my trades I would be profitable” How many times have you read that from frustrated traders? Of course, the saying is over-simplified, completely untrue, and ignoring the most important part of the trade (the exit), but it does give you a hint at a technique that could help you get… Read More

Trading success can be had by all ... who practice

I can never quite get sold on Tony Robbins. Which is ironic, as I always feel getting sold is the life purpose of the man. It is probably because I am old enough that my image of Robbins is as an infomercial salesman in the 80's, not the president consulting version of today. Despite that,… Read More

Trading has no meaning (and why I don't care)

Trading has no meaning. Ask yourself, who benefits from you as a private trader? Why do you trade? Don’t spin me the tale of being the liquidity of the markets. No we’re not. Whey’re not allowing Maria, the 90 year old Mexican lady to exchange her Peso’s for Euro so she… Read More

Trade execution and finger freeze

As a trader you go to the effort of back testing a system. You work out an entry and exit strategy, fine tune your stop loss levels and are ready to go. Now for trade execution. You watch the markets, the news, the stars and numerology until you find the exact point you want to… Read More